What you want is coming!


What you want is coming!
The navigation on the car is too difficult to use. Most of the time we use our mobile phone to navigate directly, and Bluetooth music is directly connected to the mobile phone. How convenient. At this time, an easy-to-use mobile phone holder is particularly important!

There are many types of mobile phone holders in cars, but it is really not easy to find a suitable and easy-to-use one!

With the traditional one-sided stretch bracket, although it is small and does not occupy a space, it is difficult to operate with one hand; the bracket attached to the windshield by the suction cup can easily block the line of sight. The gravity car mobile phone bracket almost perfectly solves these problems.
The practicality of this mobile phone holder is very high! It has three points. The bottom is a gravity support point. You only need to put the phone into the holder, and the bottom holder will be affected by gravity, and it will drive the holders on both sides to clamp the phone, which is very user-friendly operation.
The operation can be completed with one hand, and the tightness of the bracket is completely equal to the weight of the phone, so there is no need to worry about problems such as inability to clamp, unstable acceleration and deceleration, etc.; it is also very simple to remove the phone, just take it off without too much operation!
Below there is a gap specially reserved for the mobile phone charging cable, which can be used while charging. You must know that the mobile phone is easy to heat up when it is turned on, especially in summer. This kind of mobile phone holder is plugged into the air outlet of the air conditioner to effectively cool the phone.
Insert the mobile phone holder into the air outlet of the air conditioner (suitable for a thin air outlet), insert it to the end, and adjust the universal joint to choose a suitable angle.
Each bracket has a rubber pad to protect the phone from damage, and more importantly, it also has the exclusive logo "D" for the big drag racing.