Why choose gaming headsets for playing games?


Why choose gaming headsets for playing games?

The difference between ordinary headsets and gaming headsets

Ordinary headphones focus on sound quality. It pursues high fidelity, bass dyeing, and restores the essence of music as much as possible.

Gaming headsets pay more attention to sound field effects and positioning, high sensitivity, and can capture more sound details. Focus on low frequencies, enhance the sound information needed by players, weaken unnecessary sounds, and make it easier for players to distinguish, and accurate positioning is the purpose of gaming headsets.

What headset to choose

If you already want to get a good gaming headset, here I recommend Fanuo ID13-9 headset
ID13-9 is a cost-effective, high-comfort head-mounted gaming headset designed by Fulllink. The overall appearance is black with RGB lights, giving you a cool experience; in terms of wearing, the dual-cavity design of the headset is very The earphone is made of ABS material, which is much lighter than metal material. The head beam is made of leather and the adjustable headband is very comfortable to wear. , Will not produce a feeling of squeezing, can be worn for a long time, giving you a comfortable and pleasant gaming experience!