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Fannou Founded in 2007, it has since expanded through several acquisitions and mergers. Main Business: Mould Design, R & D, Production and service. Mainly for small appliances, communications industry, intelligent technology, consumer electronics industry, Silicon Plastic, metal, electronic product assembly and its peripheral products. Company Size: There are four production bases in China, with professional logistics distribution and service capacity at home and abroad. Our Mission: to be the proud partner of the industry (including customers, employees, shareholders and supply partners) . Headcount: 428 employees, including 35 product developers .

  • What you want is coming!

    With the traditional one-sided stretch bracket, although it is small and does not occupy a space, it is difficult to operate with one hand; the bracket attached to the windshield by the suction cup can easily block the line of sight. The gravity car mobile phone bracket almost perfectly solves these...

  •  Introduction to Injection Mold

    Injection molds are actually used for thermoplastics such as ABS, PP, PC, POM, etc., while thermosetting plastics such as phenolic plastics, epoxy plastics, etc. use rubber molds;

  • About the design of injection drawings

    If the mold ejection direction is inconsistent with the product assembly direction, generally draw the picture according to the product mold ejection direction, and use the arrow on the drawing to mark the product assembly direction and reference, and text description.

  • Design of specific structure drawings

    Design of specific structure drawings mold life is a comprehensive reflection of mold design, mold material performance, mold manufacturing level, mold heat treatment level, and use and maintenance level within a certain period of time.Design of specific structure drawings


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