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Company culture

OvertureInherit the wisdom of Hunan merchants, gather electronic elites, synchronize global technology, and see future opportunities!
Fine electronics, the brand carries the dream!
1st Movement: RiseReforms Create Heroes (Founded Vanno Independent Trading Company in 2007)
  • The extensive and profound business culture presents a magnificent and magnificent picture on the curtain of history!
  • The innovative and excellent Jingzhe Electronics will play a magnificent and magnificent movement on the stage of the times!
  • In 2022, Jingye Electronics will rise majestically in the turbulent wave of globalization and the take-off of the southern economy!
  • Jingzhe Electronics, intensive cultivation in the regional market, all-powerful in the capitalization operation, and strategizing in the process of nationalization!
  • Complete the asset structure reorganization in one year and put forward four major development strategies; realize business process reengineering in two years, and build an operation and management system around the market and customers; Take a solid step in! Jingjie Electronics is growing into a valuable and creative electronic 3C industry in China!
  • With determination to reform and lofty aspirations, Jingzhi Electronics, the overall strength growth rate of the headphone and audio industry ranks among the best in the industry, and its development speed has attracted the attention of the industry! A series of brilliant honors reflect the excellent development history of Jingye Electronics!
  • The second movement: Building the FoundationBoutique builds brand (creates Flink brand)
  • Here, is where wealth and hope are created; here, miracles and dreams are born every day!
  • Jingjie Electronics, a modern electronic business that starts from a low starting point and operates at a high level in the field of electronics!
  • This is a stage to realize dreams, this is a team that pursues excellence, and this is an enterprise that never stops innovating!
  • Jingye Electronics strives to build the comprehensive quality of its employees, create a competitive culture, and create a harmonious working atmosphere. An elite team in the electronics field is full of inspiration and passion for work, injecting continuous and continuous efforts into the value creation of Jingye Electronics. power!
  • As of the end of June 2022, the scale of Jingye Electronics' assets has reached 70 million yuan, the main business indicators have reached the domestic online business platform, and the foreign trade export is advanced! Jingjie Electronics highlights value creativity with excellent financial performance!
  • Jingye Electronics continues to expand service channels, comprehensively develop domestic and foreign business outlets, Bluetooth headsets, TWS, Bluetooth audio and other electronic equipment to speed up the update and transformation of self-service equipment, and the extensive use of new channels and new methods has promoted retail, small enterprises, middle , the booming development of emerging businesses such as peers.
  • A complete business chain that fully meets customer needs, provides customers with simple and efficient one-stop services, delivers electronic products to the places where they are most needed, and sows the true feelings of service in people's minds!
  • Extensive and excellent customer base, nationwide service network, efficient and fast after-sales channels, establish a strong brand image of Jingye Electronics in the field of electronic services!
  • The third movement: LeapingThe performance proves brilliant (2021 research and development, production, sales of independent products)
  • We are willing to work hard and turn it into your harvest...
  • The motivation for our efforts comes from your affirmation...
  • Jingjie Electronics, from the day it was born, has exploded with strong vitality and huge industry influence at the high point of operation! In the life of citizens, in the development of enterprises, and in the minds of employees, they are exercising their own electronic peripheral service mission!
  • Jingjie Electronics, through strategic cooperation with a number of well-known domestic brands "HP, Sony Ericsson, Great Wall, Disney, Red Dragon, Pinsheng", integrates national network resources and helps Guangdong's economic development!
  • While steadily carrying out business activities, Jingye Electronics has always taken social responsibility as its own responsibility, actively participated in social public welfare undertakings, and donated 1 million yuan in the next three years, establishing a good corporate image, and greatly improving brand awareness and reputation.
  • Sincerity, gold and stone are open; electronic boutiques that embody the wisdom and inspiration of the people, in the tide of economic construction, in the process of people's pursuit of a better life, play an infinite power!
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